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4/9/10 | 6:50PM

Sooooooooo. What's up?

Seriously though, I'm ashamed. This is SAD. I used to be so proud of my little website, and then I went and forgot about it. Well, I didn't forget, but I ignored the gnawing sense of guilt and/or responsibility that made me keep it somewhat up to date.

So what finally got me to start paying attention? I have to apply for my BFA, which means... PORTFOLIO REVIEW! And how embarrassing would it be to present a web portfolio a year out of date? CAWD must be so ashamed of me.

So that means there will be a LIGHTNING FAST REDESIGN (I'm serious this time, it's coded and everything) and hopefully a considerable revamp of the material presented. SOMETHING NEW! Holy cow!

Alright, I'm off to eat dinner. See you guys again soon--I PROMISE.

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about the site


Welcome to Testing 123 Studios, created by me, Shannon (also known as pencilmonkey). I am currently attending Johnson State College in Vermont for fine arts.

Testing 123 Studios is a collective site where I can present my work and experiments. Future projects include comics, lengthier stories, and possibly an animated series.

About Me -- Download My Resume

I enjoy playing videogames, reading epic poetry, drawing, writing, knitting and crochet. I also love peanut butter and Oreos.

Past Accomplishments

My web development skills set include valid coding in XHTML and CSS, limited experience in PHP, and basic Flash animation. I have also learned how to model, texture and animate anything from boxes to full-fledged characters in 3D Studio Max 2008. Additionally, I have experience in Adobe Premier for both film editing and for putting together animations exported from 3DS Max.

In 2008, I competed with another student in CAWD in the state level of SkillsUSA for Web Design and received a bronze medal. The following year I returned to SkillsUSA for Pin Design and Quiz Bowl, and competed in Quiz Bowl in Kansas City at the SkillsUSA National level. I have also been certified at the Associate level by the World Organization of Web Masters (WOW).

I received the honor of joining both the National Technical Honor Society at CTE and the National Honors Society at South Burlington High School. Alongside my regular high school classes, I took college courses both at CCV and ones that were integrated into my tech program. As a result, I acquired 34 college credits while still in my junior and senior year of high school.

What I'm Up To Now

Currently, I am going to Johnson State College for an art major and a business minor. My hope is to become an independent web designer and to continue running my small business, Binary Digit Productions, LLP, while still having lots of creative freedom and the ability to have my own projects on the side.

Well, that's about it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Enjoy exploring the site!